Online Marketing Articles

Online marketingThis page features a compilation of very insightful resources available on the Internet about Online Marketing. Some will point you to articles written by the Avenue Web Media team, while many will take you off the site.

SEO Guides

A Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization
An easily digestible guide covering all the basics of SEO. A must read if you want to be in know about the details of building a successful online presence.

Top 21 SEO Tips For 2007
30+ pages of insightful and usable tips to improve your website, strengthen your marketing campaign and get results with an SEO effort.

Search Engine Ranking Factors
A comprehensive guide covering the most important factors of search engine ranking from the point of view of 37 specialists. A must read for anybody serious about website optimization and understanding how search engines calculate rankings.


Search Engine Guidelines

Google's Webmaster Guidelines
The guidelines to keep in mind if you want to stay on Google's good side when marketing. Failing to abide by these guidelines may result in removal from the search engine's index (if this ever happens to you shoot us an email to help you solve the problem).

Yahoo! Search Content Quality Guidelines
Yahoo's guidelines for webmasters. Basically the same ideas expressed by Google.


Various Articles

Why Bloggers Don't Need SEO
A good article that illustrates the importance of having a blog on your site because of its ability to get you easy traffic.

37 Things To Keep in Mind When Writing Web Content
A bunch of ideas to take into account when it comes to producing web content. Especially useful if you are new to blogging.

Search Engine Relationship Chart
A chart illustrating the relationship between search engines in terms of sharing results and advertisement.