About Our Free Program

In the interest of helping our global community, Avenue Web Media offers non-profit web development and marketing services for not-for-profit organizations that focus on helping their communities.

This is not an “affordable deal”, this is a completely free service. We not only donate our work hours, we also cover the setup and maintenance costs. The services we offer are completely in line with our standard professional services: professional graphic design, professional CMS platform, introductory marketing, unlimited customer service - a real $4,000+ value.


How to qualify

To qualify for this offer, organizations must be exclusively not-for-profit and have a proven record of community service in any area.

In addition, due to limited resources we focus mainly on organizations that:
- do not currently have a website
- help their community fulfill primary needs such as health and education

This is not to say that we automatically reject any organization that doesn't meet this criteria. We analyze every case individually.

We still offer free consulting to any non-profit organization even if they don't qualify for the free program, and any organization may qualify for an NPO discounted program.

If you feel you qualify please use the Free Website Request Form to submit your organization's information. If you would like more information about other discounted programs, please contact us for your free initial consultation.


Not just a cookie-cutter site (or a blog)

As mentioned earlier, our offer includes everything that we include with our standard professional services:

  • Custom professional graphic design
  • Professional, robust and flexible CMS platform
  • Introductory Online Marketing services to guarantee online visibility

Website features:

  • Articles, Press Releases, News
  • Multi-user Blog
  • Frontpage, organization information, contact form
  • Free domain name (yourorganization.org), free hosting on our professional servers
  • email accounts @ yourorganization.org
  • Accept credit card donations
  • Statistics using Google Analytics

We can also offer great discounts on advanced features if your organization requires them:

  • multiuser registration and management
  • Forums
  • Opt-in mailing lists to send your bulletins
  • AdSense support
  • E-commerce store
  • Etc.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about this and other programs, and please help us spread the message of this valuable free service.

Thank you.