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Monitoring Links for Link Building

Posted by Tom_C

Whiteboard Friday - Complex Content Issues

Posted by great scott!

Interview of Muhammad Saleem, Social Media Expert

After seeing the rapid rise of Tip'd, I figured it would be a good idea to interview Muhammad Saleem, a social media addict who knows social media both from site manager and site participant perspectives. You can follow him on Twitter.

How did you get into social media?

Testing the Value of Anchor Text Optimized Internal Links

Posted by randfish

We've recently gotten to do (and see results of) some testing around internal links & anchor text and have come to some interesting, if not 100% proven, conclusions. As a disclaimer, SEO testing, whether done in a controlled environment or on live sites, is both challenging to quantify and subject to fair critiques both practically and academically. That said, I feel fairly confident in stating the following findings.

Internet Marketing's Words That Sound too Good to be True

Words that sound good are often used in marketing by those in dire need of credibility, or those promoting a warped view of reality needed to justify their own business models. Many catch words and phrases obtain an Orwellian opposite meaning, due to such usage. Some examples?

Do Sitemaps Affect Crawlers?

Posted by chenry

Like any other person out there, I fall into habits, good and bad.  Recently while working on a client’s website, I created a Sitemap and submitted it to the search engines, like I always do.  I started to think if this really helps the site out and what’s the effect when I submit a Sitemap on the site.

If I Could Change One Thing About the SEO Industry, It Would Be...

Posted by randfish

My personal ending would be - to Improve the Industry's Professionalism. We're a young industry, which means opportunity, excitement and lots of fantastic entrepreneurs and personalities. Conversely, it also means a lot of unprofessional, immature behavior, even from those of us who should know better (and yes, I'm certainly including my own actions from time to time in that group). I wish we could:

Best Practices for Content Optimization

Posted by randfish

Is it possible that in all the years we've been writing at SEOmoz, there's never been a solid walkthrough on the basics of content optimization? Let's fix that up.

Youtube Monetization 2 Years From Now

I think my wife came to say hi to me when I was sleeping a week or so ago and I started singing "you are my sunshine" in a rather annoying voice (not sure where I first heard the song, but think it was maybe school chorus class). She started laughing and wanted to know where I got that annoying voice from (I wasn't sure but maybe it was my way of being annoying in chorus).

Captcha Advertising via SEO Trivia

Recently we lightened the background color and increased spacing between keyword results in our keyword tool...making the results look more aesthetically appealing.