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Interview of YieldBuild's Jason Menayan

With online ad networks slowing in growth and some collapsing I thought it would be a great time to interview the team from YieldBuild, an ad optimization service, to see where they saw online ads and ad networks heading.

What online ad markets are dominated by companies other than Google?

The Full List of Suppliers to Ask for Links

Posted by willcritchlow

The 6 Goals of SEO: Choosing the Right Ones for Your Business

Posted by randfish

Charting Startup Trends Across Varying Economic Climates

Posted by randfish

This week I'm speaking to a number of startups about SEO - something I absolutely love to do as I've complained in the past that many don't pay appropriate attention to the subject. At SEO conferences, we often find humor in the stereotypes surrounding our world, and startups are no different. Hence, these three charts, produced ad hoc from bar conversations this evening.

Creating a Sweet High Value Keyword List in 5 Minutes

Step 1: list a few core keywords

For this example we will cover hosting...so our core word list could be something like...

  • hosting
  • web hosting
  • host
  • web host
  • server
  • dedicated
  • vps

This need not be perfect or exhaustive, as this is just a seeding list to pull deeper keywords.

Fracturing Media to Help Small Online Publishers

The Financial Times highlights that nearly a half billion dollars was recently raised for tech and media investments, but Drama 2.0 highlights how some of the web 2.0 companies that raised capital are still losing money 4 or 5 years after being founded.

Bloggers as Influencers

Since blogging about a toy flower I bought my wife I got multiple emails from guys who said they bought them for their wives. And one member went so far as paying Mahalo answers $10 to find the exact flower in the video. Think of how irrelevant a toy flower is for the audience on this site, and yet that casual mentioned likely caused over $100 of commerce to happen.

Selling Less Ad Inventory to Gain Marketshare

Some areas of the economy are going well still, but many are crumbling. If you are a publisher that monetizes via advertising one way to make up for lost earnings is to add more ad units to a page, but if something is not working then doing more of it is probably a bad solution for fixing the problem. If ad prices drop then adding more irrelevant and cheaper ads to the site will not do much for increasing your current revenue, and it might sacrifice some of your future revenue!

Monitoring Links for Link Building

Posted by Tom_C