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Is SEO Worth the Cost & Effort?

A couple years ago I helped a friend set up a website, and tried to teach them SEO, but they never really took it to heart. Their page titles are not that descriptive, and their writing typically aims to be clever rather than direct. They have published just over 100 pages of content. I built a few links for them to help get them going, but their site has failed to achieve a critical mass. Over the last year their traffic has been precisely flat with about 20 unique visitors a day. It is hard to monetize a traffic stream that small.

Linkscape Index Update Doubles Size!

Posted by Nick Gerner

Blabbing with Jessica Bowman: SES, In-House SEO, and Noob Advice

Posted by rebecca

Via Enquisite: PPC Agencies Make 45X What SEOs Do for the Same Value

Posted by randfish

Here at the Search Insider Summit in Park City, UT, Richard Zwicky from Enquisite has just released some amazing data. As Jessica Bowman, Todd Friesen, John Marshall and I sat in the lunch room watching his slides, we alternately stared in shock, shook our fists in anger and raised eyebrows in disbelief. If you've ever felt, as an SEO, that you were undervalued and underpaid compared to your paid search compatriots, here's the evidence to back it up.

Media Literacy for SEOs (or, Why SEO Outing is Bad)

About a month ago I was chatting with Rand via email. He explained that he thought that the perception that SEO is manipulative was harming the industry, in part to justify his outing strategy. I explained that I thought the goal of most media was manipulation (with attention sold to the highest bidder) and promised him that I would write a post along those lines.

SEO as a Change Process

In a previous article, Baking SEO Into The Workflow, we took a look at the problems faced by in-house SEOs. Most of those problems occur because SEO forces a change in work process. Change - any change - is often met with resistance.

We received a lot of great feedback on that post, so we thought we'd delve a little deeper into this topic.

Google's Faster Crawl Rate: No Thanks

Posted by chenry

Recently I was working with a client and I decided to do a little experiment, because sometimes I have nothing better to do.  I wanted to know whether changing the crawl rate in Google’s Webmaster Tools really made a difference.  Part of me felt Google just put it there to make people feel that Google will come to their site more often, but part of me wanted to trust Google.

Mobile Search Ranking Factors (Clue - One Normal SEO Factor is Missing)

Posted by willcritchlow

We have been doing some research into how to rank in Google mobile web search. Google is the dominant player in mobile search in the US (source: Nielsen Mobile) - our test site hasn't yet been indexed in the other search engines so I'll have to report back later on how it does there:

Holiday SEO

The holiday season is almost upon us.

In fact, it started in July.

More on that shortly.

Part of planning a SEO campaign, especially for anyone involved in B2C retail, is to optimize with holiday events in mind. Obviously, gift giving is a tradition that no retailer can miss out on, so SEO campaigns for the holiday season are often planned and executed well in advance.

Profitable Publishing in the Digital Age: the Archivist vs the Anarchist

The Archivist

When I was about 1 year into the field of SEO my friend brought me over to his parent's house for a winter break for a few days. His dad is a genius (in about every way possible) and worked at the time as an archivist that digitized old content collections for media companies. I told him of what I did (SEO) and he told that I should learn XSLT, and that Google would soon kill the field of SEO.