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Whiteboard Friday - The Microsite Mistake

Posted by great scott!

Where's Rand the First Half of 2009? London, Munich, Sydney, Reykjavik and More

Posted by randfish

2009 is shaping up to be my busiest travel period ever (and that's saying something). I'm going to be on the road a lot between February and June, and while it's nothing like the 250+ days per year guys like Enquisite's Richard Zwicky spends away from home, it does present a great opportunity to meet with lots more folks from the SEO community - quite possibly my favorite part of the job.

Do the Little Things in SEO Make a Big Difference?

Posted by randfish

Many companies and professionals in the SEO sphere (SEOmoz included) often make "best practices" recommendations to clients that include items like:

Will SEO Be Dead Within The Next Two Years?

Another question we received recently was:

"SEO as we know it will be dead within the next 2 years – true or false? With the wealth of info at their fingertips combined with localized, customized search to name but a few Google will no longer need to do what it does now to determine rankings?"

I'd say "false".

Headsmacking Tip #11 - Refresh Legacy Content for a Rankings Boost

Posted by randfish

This week's headsmacking tip is extremely powerful and pretty darn simple to implement. The premise is straightforward - you've got old content that ranks in the top 20-30 results, but never achieves first page (or top 5) rankings. Frequently, we see a lot of sites making the mistake of trying to link build (both internally and externally) to the old content:

Getting Old Links is Hard

What Aspect Of SEO Should You Be Spending Most Of Your Time On?

There are so many SEO tasks demanding your attention. How do you prioritize them?

Seems to be a common issue, as when we asked for questions a while back, we received this one:

"What aspect of SEO should you be spending most of your time on? Optimizing the title tag, getting links, creating quality content? "

Advanced SEO Toolbar Functions

I thought it would be worth highlighting a few of the advanced features in the SEO Toolbar. Some of the highest value ideas do not consist of looking at one data point, or boiling things down to 1 arbitrary and meaningless number (like many "professional" SEO tools do), but consist of looking at many data points across multiple sites, and hunting for inconsistencies that help you build new profitable traffic streams.

How Twitter Can be Corrosive to Online Marketing

In the past when you did something quite cool and attention-worthy people would reference it on their blogs. But now in the age of Twitter, many people mention your stuff on Twitter. This can be good if they have thousands of Twitter followers, but if most the people mentioning a topic are all in the same small tight knit space then you are only reaching a fraction of a fraction of the potential distribution you would have before the age of Twitter.

Fresh Start For A New Year: Reduce Clutter

“Practice not-doing and everything will fall into place.” - Lao Tzu

Did you take a vacation?

If you took a break, I hope you had a good one! I've just returned from a relaxing holiday - it is summer where I am, the weather is great, and life is lazy and fine.

Linkscape Update 2 Now Live

Posted by randfish