Email remains the most effective way to maintain a relationship with your audience. However, in this world that is saturated with marketing messages, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to engage users with regular email content.

The most important recommendation we make is to keep the email content short and direct, conveying no more than 1 important point per email. In addition, it is important to include engaging elements in your email campaigns to draw the audience in. Here are 2 ideas to modernize your email campaigns:


Use Video

Thanks to technology advancements, the cost of video production is at an all-time low, and the modern internet user has become accustomed to watching videos over reading articles. If you are not using video at all in your campaign, you should start soon.

There are many ways to go about video production, but the overarching theme is that the content is more important than the quality of the production itself. If you have a strong message and a charismatic person to deliver it, then a short, friendly video can have a great impact. The minimum requirements are: a modern smartphone like an iPhone, an external microphone to record audio (like a lavalier mic), and a good (and quiet) filming environment with plenty of sunlight (like a nice corner office with a big window). The finishing touches can be added by someone in your marketing team with video editing experience, or you can outsource this part.

We recommend that you embed a play screenshot into the email, a static image with a play button on top, which takes people to the page on your site hosting the video. This is the most effective way to make sure your email works correctly on all email apps. Here is what your email might look like:



Embed Social Post

Social conversations are increasingly part of most people’s everyday life. A social post in your content is a window to an online conversation being had on the platforms that users already understand and use.

The easiest way to embed a social post in your content is to use a screenshot, a static image, which links to the social page or directly to the post itself. This way the content works on all email apps. Here is what your email might look like: