There are many marketing blogs available on the Net, plenty are quite good. However, I have set out to create a reduced list of these blogs so that people new to the subject of online marketing can get started keeping track of the most important information being generated daily. I've assembled this list based on my experience with these blogs in terms of the quality of their content and their reliability to provide solid advice and make the best of the reader's time.

In no particular order:

Bruce Clay – Internet Marketing
Lisa Barone seems to be up to speed with everything that goes on. I'm not sure how she manages to keep up, but she does a fantastic job summarizing current events and providing insightful, digestible and thorough advice.

Copy Blogger
Although not focused on all the aspects of online marketing, CopyBlogger provides continuous usable advice on a subject that is paramount when it comes to being successful online: effective content creation.

SEOMoz Daily Blog
SEOMoz may well be the most notorious name in Online Marketing. Their blog is plastered with A-grade advice and ideas.

SEOBook Blog
Author of the most recognized SEO Book on the market, Aaron Wall keeps an opinionated and resourceful blog on SEO and related matters.

Search Engine Land
SEL keeps track of the search engine industry, discussing news, events and letting useful advice sneak through the objective reporting.

Online Marketing Blog
Lee Odden delivers substantial chuncks of his hard-earned knowledge as an experienced online marketer through his company's marketing blog.

Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO
Although not my first pick for advice on marketing, this blog makes the list because it offers a window into one of the most important minds in the industry. Matt Cutts is a notorious engineer at Google, and does extensive work in search results quality and the fight against spam. His blog often talks about the inner workings of Google with a SEO twist.