Nowadays, every business owner knows the importance of having a website. The internet is the quickest, most effective way to research any topic, or in this case - business, that one desires. Consumers like to browse and compare many sites before choosing a company they trust. Having a website for your business gives you the opportunity to sell not only your products and services, but yourself as well.

Whether it’s fair or not, appearances count for a lot. Many people have the tendency to form an opinion on someone or something based on a first impression. A first impression is often times the only impression you get the chance to make. Are you comfortable in what your website says about you? Does it accurately represent who you are? Are you proud of your website?

The image and appearance of your website isn’t something you want to trust your cousin / nephew / next door neighbor who “knows a little about websites” to create for you. What’s even harder to get right from a non-professional website developer is quality written programming and code. If they aren’t properly trained, your site won’t effectively communicate to your visitors or search engines. It will probably have a hundred little errors that may not be visible right away, but will definitely hinder the full capability of what a website should do for you.

Developing a quality website does take many, many hours of work. How many hours depends on what kind of features you want on your site. A professional will have no problem creating a forum, blog, gallery, or even an online store for your website. With all these complications, why be bothered with trying to produce a unique, creative website by yourself?

The obvious answer is to give yourself the piece of mind that a real professional is handling your website. Someone who has gone through years of extensive training, and who continues to stay on top of new technical developments is the only one you should trust when representing something so important to your financial livelihood.

Still not convinced? You need to figure out what has kept YOU from getting a professional website.

Let me share with you some of the reasons our clients have told us why they hesitated to get a professional site before they found our company:

1. They thought that they could do it themselves with limited automated setup services found online.

The Answer: Many problems arise from this, and they usually ended up extremely frustrated because it turns out to be a lot more complicated than they thought. They soon realize the vision they had in their head is far from what they end up with. A site that does not look professional will scare off clients. Lack of knowledge on how to write code will produce a site that is not people or search engine friendly, which basically means their visitors aren’t seeing the relevant information they need, and the search engines aren’t putting them into results. Thus, they have a website that no one sees and is inadequate.

2. They were embarrassed to admit that they feel that they aren’t computer experts or internet savvy, so they didn’t know if they will be able to handle managing a professional site…it just seems too complicated.

The Answer: We understand how someone can feel that it could be more hassle than it’s worth, or it will take a lot of time and investment on their part to manage their website. Once we showed our clients step-by-step how easy it is to manage a website created by us, they were relieved and amazed, and told us they wished they came to us sooner.

3. Other people were afraid of being ripped off, not just because they have been ripped off before, but because they didn’t feel comfortable working with impersonal or out-of-state website companies.

The Answer: They love the fact that we are in Chicago, and are always a phone call away. Many website companies take forever to respond to their clients, but we always follow up the same day. Many people have dealt with companies who seemed bothered with questions after their work has been completed, but we desire a continuous relationship with our clients, so they know we are always there to answer any of their concerns. We never disappear on our clients.

4. They thought it was too expensive to get a professional site.

The Answer: What’s more expensive are the potential clients you are losing everyday to your competitor who has a professional website that is clearly visible and marketed to your clients. The website immediately begins producing your money back and often the return of investment is made up with the first clients you got because of your website. Not to mention that your website will continue to represent and produce for you forever. Our clients can’t believe that we charge half of what other professional companies charge, but our quality out beats them every time. Another great benefit is that your website is tax deductible for your business because you can write off advertisement costs.

5. Procrastination…

The Answer: We are all guilty of this from time to time. Everyone has the priorities of everyday life, but this isn’t one to put off. A professional website will set you apart from your competition, and definitely give you the confidence of knowing you are uniquely represented, and you are the company they should choose. When you finally find web development company you just know you can trust, it is time to get the ball rolling and graduate to the next level of furthering your business.

You only have one shot to make a first impression to your potential online clients. Make sure to choose a professional company that you know will represent you and highlight all your specialties that separate you from your competition. A company that will not stop until you start seeing results you can measure. Improve your website, improve your business. The only thing left is to call us today.

Article written by our Director of Services, Alexis Kaniewski


If only I read this article two years ago. I have tried three separate times and many hours of work to create a website myself, and failed each time. Then I hired a "cheap" website company (I won't mention names) and got exactly what I paid for: dirt. I'm so glad I came across you guys so you could finally fix my site and make it work! Thanks a million. -David Siller