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Get Started in SEO: 1 Week Crash Course

New to online marketing? No problem. We have a super overview to get you up to speed in only one week, and plenty of reading materials to get you speaking SEO and implementing your very own online marketing campaign in no time*.

* there will be a lot of reading and learning, perhaps even some tears before we are done. But the rewards are there for the taking and, if you survive to the 7th day, you're guaranteed to reach the third circle of awesomeness**.

** or at least feel the superb high of achievement.


Diversify Your Blog: Do a Blog Post Exchange

We small business owners have been working hard to build a proud blog for our small businesses. We have spent countless hours writing great content and making sure that our blogs accurately represent our brands, give our readers valuable information, and overall make our businesses look great.

Why you probably don't want contextual ads on your commercial site

Contextual ads, such as the ones served by Google's Adsense, can produce a few extra bucks per month, or even cover a couple of bills if your site has a lot of traffic. However, if your website business model is based on offering your company's products and services, then you are probably better off without contextual ads.

7 Must-Read Online Marketing Blogs

There are many marketing blogs available on the Net, plenty are quite good. However, I have set out to create a reduced list of these blogs so that people new to the subject of online marketing can get started keeping track of the most important information being generated daily. I've assembled this list based on my experience with these blogs in terms of the quality of their content and their reliability to provide solid advice and make the best of the reader's time.

In no particular order:

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