Unintended Consequences

Edward Lewis runs, one of the more well known and trusted directories in the SEO space. When I first started learning SEO about 5 years back Edward sent me an email letting me know that something I wrote was incorrect. He was right and I made sure I fixed the issue, but he was also quite abrasive.

The Value of Perception (and the Perception of Value)

Rich Schefren recently interviewed Dan Ariely. The recording is freely available online here. In the call Dan highlights how companies can increase perceived value and get their customers to spend more by creating a decoy offer, which is discussed in the first chapter of his Predictibly Irrational book.

The Grass is Greener...

One of the easiest ways to scale a business model is to rely on user generated content. This effectively turns readers into writers (free content) and marketers (brand evangelists promoting their own work). But at the same time it makes it hard for readers to keep reading all the content produced from those sources.

Misinformation / Information Pollution Adds Value to Paid Content Business Models

The SEO market is flush with free information, but many times the free information is factually incorrect, which can cost a lot of money to anyone building a business based on such information. The cost is not immediately readily transparent, but eventually it appears. By the time it does many people who lost money from it may not be aware of what happened, as their attention is already elsewhere.

There are a variety of reasons for misinformation to spread

Does Your Website Make People Angry?

Just as it is good to invest in structural change it is good to invest in restructuring debates and reframing ideas.

Writing for Buyers vs Writing for Cynics

6 fundamental laws for online publishing

Link Laundry List

A bunch of goodies recently. I still have about 5 pages worth of links saved up, but figured it was a good time to share some of the new and the old. Rather than pounding out 10 blog posts I figured it would be easier to write a nice list of attention worthy items.

Why do Domain Auctions Partner With Sleazy Registrars?

I recently won a great domain name at an auction. Spent the money, waited a few days, and got the domain management details.

I logged into my domain management account, and searched around the details on how to transfer a domain name away from their site - no transfer authorization code anywhere. The only article I found was one on ICANN rules, stating that you could email them if you needed help locking or unlocking your domain names - but nothing about auth codes.

Does SEO Consulting Have a Future?

This is a guest post by John Hargaden from, which is a follow up to our post on selling SEO consulting services.

a chip in the sugar

Try not to look like a country bug. Blend. Blend in.
- Flik, A Bug’s Life

Selling SEO Consulting Services

Why Traditional SEO Consulting Usually Sucks

I do not like doing much traditional SEO client work, and see the business model as having limited longterm value for most SEO consultants. The best consultants could usually make more promoting their own sites and brands than they would working for clients.

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