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Link Laundry List

A bunch of goodies recently. I still have about 5 pages worth of links saved up, but figured it was a good time to share some of the new and the old. Rather than pounding out 10 blog posts I figured it would be easier to write a nice list of attention worthy items.

Why do Domain Auctions Partner With Sleazy Registrars?

I recently won a great domain name at an auction. Spent the money, waited a few days, and got the domain management details.

I logged into my domain management account, and searched around the details on how to transfer a domain name away from their site - no transfer authorization code anywhere. The only article I found was one on ICANN rules, stating that you could email them if you needed help locking or unlocking your domain names - but nothing about auth codes.

Does SEO Consulting Have a Future?

This is a guest post by John Hargaden from, which is a follow up to our post on selling SEO consulting services.

a chip in the sugar

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- Flik, A Bug’s Life

Selling SEO Consulting Services

Why Traditional SEO Consulting Usually Sucks

I do not like doing much traditional SEO client work, and see the business model as having limited longterm value for most SEO consultants. The best consultants could usually make more promoting their own sites and brands than they would working for clients.

Automated Internal Linking on Steroids

For a while Google was against the idea of seeing search results inside of search results, calling them redundant. But over the last couple years they losened up their stance on the issue...not only do they index and rank tag pages, but they go so far as generating content pages on the fly by entering keywords into search boxes on websites.

Social Network Theory

The more I learn about the field of SEO the more it feels like public relations and the less it feels like anything to do with machines, algorithms, or search engines. I am soft launching a blog about social stuff called social network theory.

When Will Mahalo Add Nofollow to Outbound Links?

Wikipedia is a powerhouse because

Smart Brand Extension: Matt Cutts Fights Spam Offline

Not content with attempts at trying to rid the web of spam, Matt Cutts has been posting about how to get a free credit report and how to stop junk mail. If your job is abstract, an easy way to gain further authority and credibility is to extend your brand into related more established markets that are easy to understand.

Thank You!

My wife and I just had our first anniversary dinner, which was a lot of fun. She actually found me by buying my ebook back when I still sold it, and our connection was only made possible through years of supporting this site / blog / brand by readers like I just wanted to say thanks. :)

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