No – and yes. We can't control the search engines (nobody can). To stay in business, search engines must offer the best results or risk losing their users to the competition, so companies like Google and Yahoo will not tamper with the quality of their organic results for money or any other commercial incentive. The only way to rank high is to naturally convince the search engines that our site is the best result for a particular query.

Since rankings are based on calculations, by taking into account the math behind rankings we can analyze the market and its competitors and establish the work that needs to be done to seize a solid online reputation, stronger than every other site in the field.

So, we at Avenue Web Media can guarantee that our marketing campaign will place your site at the top of search engine results by doing everything in our power to let search engines naturally perceive your site as the best result for a given query – which usually also requires turning your site into the best site in its field.

This is the best guarantee you can get for ranking in search engine organic results, and one guarantee that most companies won't dare to offer.