Most people interested in a website redesign come to us wondering how the graphic design process might work. At Avenue Web Media we are happy to accommodate the needs and specific requirements of any project, and we have developed a methodical approach to visual design that helps us achieve our primary goals: guaranteed satisfaction, contained budget and timelines, as well as allowing for plenty of feedback from all project members.

The 3-Step Visual Design Process:

1. Concept

Our team will help you plan the new visual design by exploring design details together.

To develop a design concept our team seeks to learn the details that may affect the nature and direction of the design effort. The first part is to become familiar with any known design requirements, including brand manual, restrictions and project-specific needs. We also examine any existing marketing materials relevant to the project so that we can plan for a unified look as needed.

Once we understand the context of the design, we begin evaluating the soft requirements, including stakeholder opinions and preconceived concept ideas. Our team will help you plan the new visual design by exploring design details together and breaking down components so that they are easy to discuss, describe and document.

We'll review elements such as menus, fonts, colors, layouts that favor the site and its message, sidebar blocks, captions, buttons, etc. These topics are easy to discuss because our team is very good at listening and offering accurate recommendations, and we also provide selected templates and other visual materials to help drive the conversation in the right direction.

2. Custom Design Draft

Once our team is confident that we have uncovered all the requirements and a developed a strong documented concept, we'll compose a unique design for the project. Our graphic designers are experienced, creative and attentive to details. All designs produced by our team are engineered to be attractive, modern and professional. Most importantly, because of the clear direction established in the Concept phase, the design will be well fitted to the needs of the project.

3. Final Design

We feel that good design is an iterative process. Our first design draft is often an excellent design ready for production; yet, we like to run it by one more round of feedback and tweaks because we know that key small changes at this point can elevate the quality of the final product.

At this stage our team works with stakeholders and designers to explore details to find room for improvement and arrive at a final round of revisions. Depending on the nature of the project, the final round of revisions may also take into account feedback from user testing (if you are interested in the process of user testing, please contact us for more details.)

We are happy to say that we have been using this 3-step approach for many years, and keep a record of 100% customer satisfaction.