Avenue Web Media Policies

For Services Including Web Design and Development, Online Marketing and General Consulting

Project Initiation

The initiation of a web design or development project requires agreement to our terms and policies, delivery of the initial payment, and the submission of any additional forms provided by the project manager at the time of the agreement.

Any questions or objections to our terms and policies must be brought up in writing prior to the start of the work.


Work Warranty

All our code work is warranted to be bug-free for a period of 6 months from the time of client approval or live deployment. A bug is considered to be any code problem that impedes the successful operation of the delivered functionality.

To retain the warranty, the code must not be adapted. If a party other than AWM makes changes to the code or any related code that may affect the code under warranty, AWM reserves the right to consider the warranty void.

If a situation arises in which bugs are found after deployment, the client is responsible for providing a staging environment on which to execute code fixes.


Browser Support

For theme projects, unless otherwise noted all themes will be designed and tested to perform satisfactorily on all major internet browsers for the latest Windows and Mac OS desktops. We define "major browsers" as those brands and versions that have 20% or more market share overall.

For themes with mobile support such as responsive themes, the same definition of support for major browsers applies, adding the platforms iOS and Android.



All materials and assets furnished to be used for the work, including text and images, shall be owned and properly authorized by the client, or permission must be secured from the rightful owner for the use of these elements. These materials and assets must also be in full compliance with all applicable laws.

Unless otherwise noted, AWM retains all copyrights for materials, comps and assets built during the design and development processes.

Unless otherwise noted, the client retains the copyrights of final deliverables, as applicable to the project and contingent on contract performance.


Content Responsibility

Unless otherwise noted, the client is responsible for furnishing and managing all the content including text and images.


Industry and Technical Standards

To facilitate work and agreements, unless otherwise noted and when detailed specifications are not available for any aspect of the functionality, it is understood that the functionality will be based on typical and default configurations of the platform.

In these cases and as applicable, functionality will be provided by existing mainstream configurations, modules, plugins and libraries; which will be set to default and typical behaviors compatible with the desired functionality.

When using this approach it is assumed that no advanced or code customizations will be required if the desired functionality can be achieved using default and typical behaviors.


Revisions and Client Specifications

Unless otherwise noted, for visual design and mockups we accept one round of revisions per design stage. A typical visual design process for a front page redesign has three design stages. Mockups for internal pages, minor functionality or usability recommendations typically have one design stage.

For functionality implementation, work is built according to written specifications as available. Specifications may be detailed in the project requirements as described by official project initiating documents, or in approved revisions to the requirements prior to performing work on the functionality.

If no detailed requirements have been documented for an aspect of the functionality, AWM may choose to develop the functionality using Industry and Technical Standards. From this point, any changes accepted by the parties on work that has been built to industry specifications will be considered client specifications and recorded as a final revision to the requirements for that aspect of the functionality.



Our policy is to reply to all interactions (emails, phone calls) within 1 business day.

All official communications must be in writing. When important conversations take place in person or otherwise not in writing, all matters affecting the work shall be subsequently documented in writing.

Email to official accounts is considered an acceptable form of written communication.


Official Hours

Our official hours of operation are from 9am to 5pm US Central, Monday to Friday. The office is closed during public holidays.


Privacy and Discretion

While project and client information are guarded carefully, sensitive matters that require especial handling should be labeled as such in the course of written communications.

We don't share project and client information with third parties unless required to do so by law or approved by the client. Unless otherwise requested, project information may be used to represent the quality of our work to others.


Payments, Refunds and Fees

Because we have a Work Warranty, any concerns about bugs or quality can be addressed through the warranty. Once a project has been agreed and an initial payment is submitted, our team will begin performance and delivery of the work, at which stage the project cannot be stopped or cancelled. All payments are final, and we provide no refunds. Any exceptions to this policy will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Any attempt to request a cancellation, stop or halt of projects or payments shall be made formally in writing, accompanied by a detailed explanation in order to be considered for review.

While we generally avoid assessing any additional fees, failure to comply with due dates and to maintain communication, as well as instances of breach of agreements, terms or policies can result in penalty fees and additional fees assessed according to the circumstances. We strongly encourage dialog to prevent additional fees. We reserve the right to wave fees at our discretion without affecting our right to demand performance subsequently. If you have questions about additional fees, please contact your project manager to discuss the terms that apply to your projects. Fees include: late payment fee (minimum $50, up to 5% of the payments due or agreement total,) severe late payment fee (minimum $200, up to 10% of the agreement total,) collection fee (30% of the agreement total), severe collection fee (50% of the agreement total), cumulative finance charge on all balances (25% APR), payment challenge fee (such as CC chargeback- minimum $200, up to 10% of agreement total), agreement dispute or arbitration fee (minimum $500, up to 100% of agreement total), cumulative finance charge on unpaid commissions (100% APR). We will make efforts to avoid assessing additional fees, and you will be notified in writing when a situation can result in additional fees and what can be done to correct it.


Refusal of Service

We reserve the right to reject projects or aspects of a project that are not in compliance with applicable laws, or promote unethical practices.


Changes to Policies

While our policies typically remain consistent, AWM reserves the right to adjust these policies at any time.