Websites are hosted on servers – machines that hold the site and connect it to the Internet to give visitors physical access to its contents. Therefore, it is extremely important to have our websites running on the best servers available.

As with every other aspect of our service, when it comes to hosting we've made sure to provide the best  solution to guarantee you a successful website. Avenue Web Media has partnered with one of the leading hosting companies in the world to provide service at the highest possible level of quality.

Our servers are hosted at a state-of-the-art facility with the following features:

  • 78,500 sq. ft. facility
  • (23) HVAC units totaling 574 tons
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)
  • Pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system
  • Over 500 smoke detectors in integrated system
  • Northern Proximity security badge entry/exit
  • Multiple TXU electrical grids
  • 4800 amps of 480v input power
  • 3 main transfer switches
  • (3) 500KVA Power-ware UPS units, 90 batteries each
  • Standalone PDUs at each cabinet row
  • 1-megawatt generator (2000 gallon tank)
  • 1.5-megawatt generator (2200 gallon tank)
  • DataTrax monitoring for all datacenter infrastructure

To guarantee a permanent and flawless access to the Internet, our servers are connected via a fully meshed and redundant Certified Cisco Network featuring 10 backbone providers. These providers include:

Backbone Carriers

  • 3 Gbps Direct Fiber - Global Crossing
  • 3 Gbps Direct Fiber - UUNET
  • 5 Gbps Direct Fiber - AT&T
  • 4 Gbps Direct Fiber - Level3
  • 4 Gbps Direct Fiber - AboveNet
  • 4 Gbps Direct Fiber - Savvis
  • 1 Gbps Direct Fiber - Time Warner
  • 4 Gbps Direct Fiber - Private Peers




  • Cisco Certified Network
  • Juniper M20 Border Routers
  • Cisco 6500 Series Distribution Routing Switches
  • Cisco 6500 Series Aggregation Switches
  • 100% Uptime SLA utilizing HSRP/BGP


Building Fiber

  • OC48 SONET Ring - SBC
  • OC48 SONET Ring - Time Warner
  • OC48 SONET Ring - XO Communications
  • OC48 SONET Ring - MCI
  • OC48 SONET Ring - Looking Glass
  • OC48 SONET Ring - Broadwing


Sounds a little confusing?

Don't worry, we deal with it so that you don't have to. Avenue Web Media guarantees 99.9% uptime and we deal with any problems that may occur in the normal course of hosting operations. All you will ever have to know about servers is that yours runs extra smooth all the time.